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Success Stories

Asim Abdulaziz Al Muhwiti

Business: Al Hijaz Traditional Foods Kitchen, Jeddah, Small Business Program
Asim Abdulaziz Al Muhwiti is a hard working young man who loves to be independent. When he thought of a project, his first thought was to open a traditional food restaurant. Because he loved this type of food, he was a frequent diner at a number of traditional food restaurants, because each of them had a specific specialty on the menu. Asim thought, “why not start a restaurant that would combine all sorts of different foods under the same roof?” It was a great idea and he had a lot of knowledge about it, but what he lacked was the money. He proposed his idea to a number of people but they all refused, some of them said that this is not his field, and others wanted to join in so that Asim would become and employee in the project if it succeeds, but would be fully accountable if it fails. Because Bab Rizq Jameel had become so well known in the area to provide business opportunities, Asim visited the Tahlia Branch and explained his idea to the officer in charge of the ’Small Business Support Program.’. He discussed the various aspects of the program with the officer and used a feasibility study, he had prepared earlier, to further his cause." The officer in charge became confident of Asim’s commitment and qualifications, and Asim met the seven requirements to qualify for support, which did not take long. Only a few days later, the officer in charge of the program called him to inform him that his application was approved, thus Al Hijaz Traditional Foods Kitchen on Balbeed Street was born. There are no words to explain how successful Asim is in managing his business, or how wonderful his dishes are!

Mounira Marzouk Al-Balwi

Business: Center for Special Needs Learning, Small Business Program, Tabuk
Mounira Al-Balwi’s decision to specialize in ‘special needs learning’ in graduate school was not a coincidence, but in adherence to the teachings of the Prophet (PBUH) who said: “The best of you are the most beneficial to people”. Right after she received her university degree she began to set her plan to establish a school for teaching children with special learning needs in motion. She prepared a feasibility study revealing she had all the elements of success, including her sincere desire, the qualified staff to help the special-needs children, and above all, a sense of moral responsibility towards them and their families, which suffered in silence as they cared for them wishing there was a remedy to help them. But, unfortunately, Mounira lacked the most important requisite, the needed capital, for her project to see the light. Bab Rizq Jameel, being a community initiative, stepped in, and did not hesitate to provide the financial support when Mounira presented her idea. With God’s grace she established a centre for autistic children that included a section for daytime learning and early intervention, to school children ranging from newborns to teenagers. It also includes a very important facility, which dealt with handicaps, the centre for behavioural change.

Saeed Awadh Al Mantashri

Business: Al Sulaimania Café Project, Jeddah, Small Business Program
The success story of young Saeed Awadh Al Mantashri is a testament to the maturity of Saudi youth and their eagerness to be independent by diving into work fields that, up until very recently, were believed to be exclusively reserved for the expat market, because many young Saudis thought them below their standards. Saeed was so keen on making an honest living and becoming independent, he was determined to go into business for himself and establish a coffee shop. Choosing this venture did not come by chance for two reasons, the first is financial, Saeed was well aware of the profitability of these places because he is a veteran coffee shop visitor himself. And the second was an awareness that his neighbourhood lacked an upscale café that would cater to the needs of the youth who lived in the area, and who had to drive a long way to go to a café in another area of town. Saeed’s vision of the café was so vivid that he had picked out a name, location and menu for it. This vision became both, a dream and a nightmare, to him because he did not have enough money to set up and furnish a coffee shop. He asked for help from people he thought would support him, but they refused to invest in his project for fear of failure losing their assets. As he had heard about ‘Bab Rizq Jameel’ and its support to the youth, he headed to the Tahlia Branch and met with the ‘Small Business Program’ officer to discuss his idea and demonstrate his dedication to making it a success. The officer asked him to fill in a few forms to see whether he met the requirements, which Saeed happily did. Subsequently, he got the go ahead from the committee in charge. ‘Al Sulaimania Café’ was born! Not only that, but because of Saeed’s attention to detail, the café was successful in drawing the young men of the neighbourhood to it and he achieved the projected profits. Saeed hopes this is his first step in the direction of a chain of coffee shops he would like to establish in various shopping centres in the Kingdom.

Jihan Hamza Al-Sheikh

Business: Al-Madinah Al-Monawarah, Al-Madinah Children’s Paradise Kindergarten and Nursery, Small Business Program
When asked about her project, Jihan said: “Kindergarten is one of the most important phases that a child goes through at the beginning of their life. It is at this stage that the child is introduced to the outside world. This is when their personality is formed and the dependence on their parents is being reduced in preparation for joining school. This is when they discover that there are people other than their parents and siblings who care for them, and learn to feel safe with them.” Her dream came true when she opened a kindergarten named “Al-Madinah Children’s Paradise”. thanks to Bab Rizq Jameel providing the financial support. Jihan adds: “The mission of this kindergarten is the development of the child’s cognition and senses by providing an appropriate environment in which safety is guaranteed. Attention is being paid to healthy nutrition for the children. A big playground provides swings, slide balancing games, see-saws, climbing fixtures and sand pits, as well as games that develop the child’s small muscles. We also pay attention to curriculum content and choosing good teachers who must be familiar with child developmental stages, teaching methods, and knowledge of behavioral problems.” Regarding the importance of support provided by Bab Rizq Jameel, Jihan says: “I am proud to say that Al-Madinah Children’s Paradise Kindergarten is the first of its kind in Al-Madinah to use the Montessori approach, beginning at age two. I realized a big dream after I gained the trust and satisfaction of parents. Indeed, I have realized myself in this unique work which involved risk-taking, considering the presence of numerous kindergartens and intense competition in this field.”

حسين شبيب محمد آل شبيب

Business: Advertising agency project, Qatif, Small Business Program
Never give up for maybe the moment of despair is actually the moment when you reach your goals”. This is how Mr. Hussein Al Shabib began telling the story of his professional and personal success. He said: “Given that I am passionate about all forms of photography and design, whether graphics or designing in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Flash, I dreamt about launching an advertising project, which allows me to practice my hobbies and helps me carry my family and social responsibilities. Since such a project requires huge capital, which I was short of, I looked for a source of financing, a person or a company who could adopt my project. Unfortunately, all my efforts were deployed in vain and failing for different reasons, but I was determined to achieve my ambitions.” Hussein started feeling sad only managing an anxious smile as he pondered the viability of working in what he loved. Just as his hopes faded and he considered changing his project, one of his friends told him about Bab Rizq Jameel. Hussein immediately headed to the company’s branch in Khobar and submitted an application requesting support for his project. The branch studied his application and decided it met all the conditions thus approving a loan over SR 60,000. This amount enabled |Hussein to live his dream. He opened an advertising agency, which today is handling the production of adverts and marketing campaigns for a long client list, including companies, offices and institutions. His team has been working hard to offer the best in creativity and innovation to their clients, which has led to public recognition and an increase in sales. Thus, it didn’t take long for Hussein’s agency to become on of the most famous in the region. As for Hussein personally, he achieved his professional and financial aspirations.

Ammar Abdul Jalil Salman Al Faraj

Business: Gas station establishment project, Qatif, Small Business Program
Great businessmen were not born great, but they reached greatness on their own”. This sounds like Ammar Al Faraj, a young man living in Qatif city, who talks about the first steps he took to achieve personal, professional and monetary success. Mr. Ammar said: “I have been dreaming for a long time about establishing a gas station to serve as a source of income to provide for my family. Given that money is the pillar of business, my idea was always stopped in its tracks when I reaching the financing point. I asked for support here and there, but in vain. I searched the internet for financers. Some of the them requested the presence of a guarantor who should be a governmental employee, while others accepted to offer financing on the condition of becoming the lion’s share partner. I tried any different key words to search hoping to get different results. Once I entered the word “livelihood” in the search box and “Bab Rizq Jamil” popped up. I hesitated before clicking on the link, but when I started to navigate through the website, the so-called Small Business Program caught my attention. I stared mesmerized at the screen, read the program details and the conditions to obtain support. The conditions seemed to match my case., I immediately contacted the support employee through the direct contracting service available within the website to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Then, I gathered my strength, as well as my papers, and headed to the branch of Bab Rizq Jameel in Khobar city. There I met with the person in charge, explained to him the idea of my project and submitted my feasibility study. A few days later, the competent employee informed me that I got the approval for the support of my project and that I would receive a SR 200,000 loan. I thanked God from all my heart and started implementing the project of my dreams, making sure it would be successful. I dedicated all my time and efforts to run my business, carefully chose a location, the entrances and exits leading to the station and so on. I persevered that all fundamentals were perfectly met, which turned the project into a success on all levels, so that I could even think about expansion via opening new gas stations