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Success Stories

Ibtisam Ali Al Ghamidi

Business: Clothing Store Project, Jeddah, Small Business Program
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” says Ibtisam Al Ghamidi adding, “my journey with clothing stores started with a small corner at a remote women’s market that hardly covered my family expenses. No matter how hard I tried to get closer to my dream of having my own store, my dreams were crushed by the financial limitations. All the efforts I exerted to seek support were in vain, until I heard of the Abdul Latif Jameel Community Initiative (ALJCI). Further research led me to BRJ, where I submitted my project idea supported by a feasibility study. After several discussions, BRJ agreed to finance my project with a SR 40,000 loan without any interests or administrative fees.” Armed with her new financing resources, as well as her usual patience and persistence, Ibtisam opened her own clothing store at South Mall offering various clothing lines for women, children and babies with the most competitive prices she could offer. Before she knew it, her small project was on its feet and the revenues supported her plans for another women’s clothing store at Al Badriya Towers and a men’s clothing store at N2 Mall. “Having all my financial and social dreams realized and becoming a well-known businesswoman has not stopped me from dreaming bigger,” said Ibtisam. “I still want to expand my businesses and obtain the franchise rights for international brands. None of this would have come true without the blessing of the Almighty God, and the support of BRJ helping young Saudi men and women like me.

Hassan Ahmad Al Saree

Business: Jazan, Qualification & Development Center Project, Small Business Program
I love to listen to my peers’ problems and to help them come up with solutions,” says Hassan Ahmad Al Saree, describing his business project experience with Bab Rizq Jameel. Hassan, who established the Qualification & Development Centre said that the idea of establishing the idea of the Centre occurred to him after hearing numerous stories from friends who could not land jobs because they lacked ‘training.’ Although many of these friends held the degrees required, they did not manage to get the jobs they desired because they did not have the professional skills that large companies look for. “I had thought about establishing a qualification & development centre which could become a source of pride and job opportunities for the region’s citizens, and which could be a source of income for me personally,” Hassan said. “However, we are not always able to achieve everything we wish for. In fact, after I carried out a feasibility study, I encountered the financing problem, and all doors closed before me. As a result, my project was on hold for almost two years.” One day, someone told Hassan about Bab Rizq Jameel and about the support they provide to small businesses. Hassan quickly approached the Bab Rizq Jameel Jazan branch and told them about his business idea. After submitting the required feasibility study, Hasan was granted the backing he needed. “I can hardly believe that I finally got the support, I had been looking for, so easily,” said Hassan. Since the Centre was established, Hassan has been exerting all his effort to develop its services and offerings, including various qualification programs and establishing contacts with large companies willing to offer training courses to their employees. Indeed, the Centre has become one of the most famous landmarks in the region.

Inam Abdulaziz Shuaib Takruni

Business: Ladies Photography Studio, Makkah, Small Business Program
In life, there are moments of pure beauty and bliss, when time stands still and these moments are forever imprinted in our hearts. To share such moments with loved ones and remember them when memory fails us, these moments must be captured either in still or animated images. This is where the camera lens of a sensitive and talented young woman like Inam Abdulaziz Takruni comes into play. Inam’s relationship with the camera began when she took portraits during the many family gatherings using simple cameras that merely served to preserve images on film. Inam grew, and with her, the gift of photography grew to become a hobby, on which she worked tirelessly, to hone into a skill through specialized books and websites. But alas, an amateur stays an amateur if not guided and mentored. Therefore, Inam joined a photography class supported by ‘Bab Rizq Jameel’ becoming a living example of the old saying ‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’. Attending this class made Inam more aware of the world and workings of photography and these were her first steps to becoming a professional photographer. She built on those steps by joining the Photographers’ House and participating in a few exhibitions. As she gained more confidence, vision and culture, she needed a window through which she could display those treasurers of precious moments and practice her passion independently and privately. So, she applied for support through the “Bab Rizq Jameel” initiative to open a ladies’ photography studio as part of the Small Business Program’. Inam repaid this generosity in kind when she succeeded in her mission and gained the trust of her clients. Today, with help from God first and those who supported her second, her childhood dream became a reality.